June 2017

The 5,000 plus sq ft home of Hong Kong interior designer Laura Cheung, her siblings and their parents pays homage to the colonial era as well as its occupants’ varied tastes as antiques, heirlooms and art add splendor,” says Post Magazine.


In the three-story, art-deco house features Laura’s trademark style of a “highly decorative, contemporary interpretation of traditional Asian arts and crafts” with intricate hand-embroidered cushions, Cloisonné tiles, vintage Japanese Obi-style chairs, and hand-painted wallpaper.


While Laura’s mother, Hellena Cheung, “prefers a more understated aesthetic”, the family “makes compromises,” says Laura. Inspired by fashion but also creating a reflection to celebrate old crafts, Laura’s reinvention in traditional artisanship has led her to be successful with designing home interiors in Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Dubai, and Australia.


The Cheungs’ home is a home made for them to “sit, talk and relax, or escape,” Laura says.

Source: Post Magazine