June 2014

First greeted by a persimmon red façade and a gold-leaf door”, LALA CURIO brings “delightful air of whimsy,” stated by Perspective. When entering our showroom, you will see our walls adorned with our distinctive hand-painted and embellished Thai silk wallpapers, “inspired by imperial court designs”. Our soft yellow dining room houses our ‘cabinet of curiosities’. Every aspect of the showroom is personally curated by founder Laura Cheung with the intention of allowing clients to envision these same pieces in their own home.


However, beneath the surface of the “light-hearted, playful and eccentric signature,” at LALA CURIO our mission is to “revive forgotten arts and traditional craftsmanship”. Our Cloisonné tiles take a traditional artisanship, originally for imperial use only, to now “appear on lacquered boxes, table tops, floor tiles and even on the ceiling”. We want to create home décor and furniture pieces for the fashionable interiors.


Laura’s various experiences makes our Hong Kong based luxury interior brand to feel like any place in the world, whether it be “in the South of France, an Indian temple”, or simply at home.