JUNE 2014


Founder Laura Cheung of home décor and luxury interior design brand LALA CURIO sits down with Crave magazine, along with other top creative minds in design in our flagship store of a “whimsical sanctuary,” located in the Startstreet precinct of Wan Chai.


Laura comes from 3 generations specializing in decorative arts. Her background comprises of a multitude of experiences and cultures. From attending Parsons NewYork, where she received the Parsons Interior Design Award, continuing to her Masters in Fine and Decorative Arts in Sotheby’s Institute of Art London, and growing her network while traveling across Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia, Laura has honed her professional and artisanal skills over time.


Laura describes a “hard battle to fight” is being “open to discussion and try to understand a client’s needs while voicing your professional advice with grace and courtesy.” Her biggest pride comes from creating the flagship store itself “because it covers aspect” of what Laura has gained through her design and work experience.